// 27.11.2020

BREWERY + ART = is the most unusual art happening I ever participated in. It’s not your refined commercial art event in a sparkling white place. The building is an old brewery, which will be renovated in the next few month and right now provides the most unusual and creative atmosphere unmatched by anything I’ve seen before.

Don’t want to give any spoilers, but the collection is based on installations, and most of the work physically will be never seen anywhere again. At that – my collection that includes 10 never exposed pieces and few previously displayed is one of the most conservative in the show.

Lot’s of sculpture, works with space’s elements. It’s truly different and may very well be one of the most significant art events of this year.

Besides everything else there will be two video installations in the basement – one of them made with my participation – which will be only displayed on opening (1 PM to 4 PM). These alone worth the trip.

BE WARNED HOWEVER: This space doesn’t pretend to be an industrial building. It IS an industrial ruin. It means outdoors temperature, dust and bare walls and need to look where you step. It’s true and unrefined, and one who enters – enters at their own risk, as was said before.

Lots of space and fresh air, so the social distancing is better than in any other art event this year for sure.

63 Governor St, Paterson, NJ 07501-1060, United States

FORMER BEER FACTORY in PATERSON, NJ. The collection includes PAINTING, SCULPTURE, PHOTOGRAPHY, INSTALLATIONS. The collection aims to give artists utmost freedom of expression and creativity.

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